Glitter Ashes Caskets

The Glitter Ashes Caskets add a special sparkle to the final resting place of a loved one’s ashes.

This caskets are wooden base wrapped with eco-friendly and biodegradable glitter. This amazing high glitter material is available in 24 colours: Gold, Bronze, Champagne, Rose Gold, Silver, Platinum, Gun Metal, Brown, Lilac, Rose Pink, Burgundy, Disco Pink, Baby Pink, Red, Purple, Disco Orange, Black, Green, Disco Green, Disco Yellow, Midnight Blue, Blue, Baby Blue and Aquamarine.

Available in Adult and Child size.

Adult size stands 15cm tall. In addition, the external measurements are 297mm length x 220mm width x 148mm depth. On the other hand, the internal measurements are 244mm length x 166mm width x 117mm depth.

The external measurements for a Child casket are 230mm length x 170mm width x 145mm depth. Additionally, the internal measurements are 170mm length x 115mm width x 115mm depth.

All caskets open from the base and come with 6 screws to held it in place. They come complete with appropriate plastic bag and tie and can hold the full cremated remains of an adult or a child.

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